– Clients are advised that they must use a mask/face covering for the duration of their appointments. For clients who cannot tolerate a mask/face covering, the appointment will be made at the end of the day when there are no other clients on-site.

– Client appointments are scheduled by phone or online. Walk-in clients are asked to call from outside the premises to make an appointment.

– Waiting areas are not permitted. Clients are instructed to wait outside of the premises until their scheduled appointment.

– Clients are screened for symptoms of COVID-19 by staff when booking appointments. Clients are not permitted to bring guests, including children unless they also have an appointment.

– Records of staff and client contact information (e.g. full name, telephone/email), including date and time at premises, are maintained on-site for contact tracing purposes, should the need arise.

– There is enough time between appointments to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection of equipment and workstations between clients.

Ref.: Work Safe BC Personal services: Protocols for returning to operation