If you have finished up your degree or graduated from high school (yay!), at YesMona you can have grad pictures, with makeup and your hairstyle. It’s cool we support all services in our family business, and easy to setup, in/outdoor. We provide you tips, do/do not, etc. for grad picture makeup. Our goal in YesMona beauty is to make sure our clients have the best experience. Check our gallery, and pick your mood and favorite ideas, if you don’t have one, don’t worry Mona help you to have your makeup, and our photographer, Hamed will suggest how to pose. The most important thing we suggest to you in our sessions when doing your hair and make-up, stick to what you are comfortable with and go with your gown. Always, always, always, there is no need to stress about achieving that perfectly plucked and sculpted look for your photo shoot. Natural brows are beautiful.

After booking, we will contact you to confirm your session and look forward seeing you. You have options of coming to our home studio, or we come to your place.

YesMona Beauty makeup, hair styling, and photography